We believe that the resound of our day to day actions are the causes of how we feel. If those resounds are negative they can result in unhealthy stress, but often these tales of them aren’t told. You have to allow yourself to escape the chaos in order to reduce your stress. Craftsmanship is a way to escape and become calm again, therefore we are using this as a method to express your authentic tale through tapestry. Collectively with the most stressed out people, the female millennials, we will be working towards stress reduction by weaving. It is our intension that we all share tales, knowledge and work towards our main goal, less stress. We achieve this by offering a three-layered interaction with our target group and the public.



A world with less stressed female millennials is necessary, they are our future and we need to take care of them in order to build a healthier world. It is a world where craftsmanship finds its rightful position in this process, a way to separate the offline world from the online world to reduce stress. 


It is our goal to support you in reducing your stress right now and in the future, by your own authenticity. We are creating a series of tapestry with you and by other female millennials who are stressed. By creating these we hope to reduce your stress and the public once they see it. 

We value authenticity, collaboration and craftsmanship.

We promise support, authenticity to whom you are, bringing craftsmanship back to life and help you escape the chaos.

For a more detailed version of who I am, what my project stands for, what it means to me and the brand specifications - I developed a short film and a brand book. It gives an impression of the process I went through and what the brand would look like. Feel free to explore!


We show an online campaign on our online platforms to attract our target group, the female millennials, to get them to participate in the making of the tapestries. The online campaign will show them that with an interactive offline event we can reduce their stress levels.

We are all about sharing our knowledge about weaving by showing it through our online platforms. We do this with simple tutorials shown in videos and step by step pictures. The instructions are also showed on our offline platforms, such as the RESOUND EXPERIENCE. An event that is open to the public and where everyone can take a spin at weaving with a bit of our help or our workshops they can attend.


Collectively with our target group we will develop a series of tapestries to reduce their stress. We will be offering a platform where we will share our knowledge on weaving with instructions and use calming tools in the process. We create a community where we connect with new and old weavers that share the same problem, stress, but want to reduce it by using craftsmanship collectively.  

The female millennials that developed the tapestries shared some of their tales online. We cherish them and how they make us experience their feelings through their words and the tactility of the tapestries.


After the tapestries are finished, we organise an experience where all audiences that are interested are welcome. It is essential that we let the audience experience the feeling of being calm in the environment but also feel comfortable to interact and weave themselves.  We share a teaser to hopefully catch your eye and come join us at the RESOUND EXPERIENCE. 


Get in touch with us via our other online platforms!