To me imperfections are more than that something is incomplete or a defect. It comes with insecurities and fears. And that it is okay to feel those things, because it is human. Human to be imperfect, to have flaws. Just embrace your imperfections but don't become one. 



Indigo was founded 4000 years BC and was originally founded in Peru. The color comes from the indigo paint what is called 'indigofera tinctoria'. Indigo dye is most known to be used in denim cloths. This colour was related to the New Age, which will rely on the intuition feeling. It also reflects in great devotion, wisdom and justice along with fairness and impartiality.


Project, year 2

Soft denim is inspired by various interests; imperfections, indigo and a Japanese repairing technique. 

With a Japanese philosophy of 'Mottainai', which centres around wasting nothing of the intrinsic value of an object,  in the back of my mind I wanted to make something out of jeans. I took apart two used jeans so all that was left were just little parts of the jeans. 


To have the commercial feel to this look I didn't use any patterns, I worked on a mannequin instead. The skirt was first actually a big piece of fabric before I melted it into a skirt. 


Model: Merel van Leuken

Photography: Lorance Heyman

Images provided by Lorance Heyman