Project, year 3

Feminism is a movement that has been around for many years, their goal is to find equality of sexes for every platform there is. Right’s that every men have, women should have to. 


In the early 1800’s women had just a few rights, but they weren’t able to vote or own their own property. Women’s education was significantly less of a priority than that of men, they were also separately educated. 


Nowadays we still live in a modern, western world and this collection shows the female side of it. I drew inspiration from Isabel’s previous collections and the pioneer dresses that reminded me of the western way of living back in the 1870’s. 


With my vision on this matter that every man or woman, from every race should be treated equally, I wanted to create an empowering look. The women wearing this would be authentic and self-confident, a delicate but joyful and honest women. Like Isabel I won’t revolutionise the fashion world, I believe that the women wearing it would be doing so. 


Model: Beau Magdelijns

Photography and editing photoshoot: Sigy Kops Photography

Other images and illustrations provided by Lorance Heyman