Let me take you through my journey.

From my personal inspiration, along design choices until the tapestry impressions of Tales of Resound.


The colour and material choices are all based on what makes you feel less stressed and more calm. 


Green is a more restful and quieter colour, it symbolises comfort and harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety. Blue produces more of a calming affect and is often associated with stability and tranquility.


All materials are either recycled or from a natural composition. The soft touch of the tapestry will give you a soothing feeling and will help to reduce your stress.


Down below you see an impression of the base of the design, woven with a dark blue yarn.

In between the blue yarns the female millennials expressed their tales by weaving it into the tapestry.

Turn the page and discover how I set up my brand and the specifications that comes with it.